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High School Abroad

    Embarking on high school abroad is an exciting venture that opens doors to experiential learning, personal growth, and international exposure. Whether it’s your dream to test your Spanish skills in a Spanish-speaking country or explore historical ruins you’ve studied in history class, the world offers an array of experiences for high school students. This guide will walk you through the essential aspects of high school abroad.

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    What and When

    What: High school abroad programs encompass various opportunities beyond traditional study abroad. While studying overseas as an exchange student is common, there's a wealth of options for high schoolers. You can immerse yourself in different cultures, learn new languages, engage in service projects, volunteer, or even kickstart your career aspirations with internships.

    When: You don't have to wait for college to embark on international adventures. High school abroad programs are available year-round. You can start exploring, growing, and learning before stepping into college life. There are three ideal timeframes for your overseas journey: during the academic year (for study abroad), over holiday or spring breaks, or during the summer.

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      The world is your playground when it comes to choosing a destination for your high school abroad experience. However, keep in mind that this is just the beginning of your global adventures, and there's no rush to check off every bucket list country. In fact, we advise against trying to cover too much ground too quickly.

      The key is immersion. Overloading your itinerary with destinations can dilute the experience, turning it into a whirlwind of packing and transit. Instead, use our dropdown menu to explore popular countries and discover high school abroad program options that align with your interests, schedule, and budget.

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      How Go Overseas Works

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